119 Hayward Avenue, Torrensville - pre commitment opportunity for prospective tenants

Golden Golf are currently in the design phase for this property which is situated 100 metres north of our existing property at 107 Hayward avenue. We are proposing to build three office / warehouses on the site, with an emphasis on architectural design and high end office space within the warehouses.

48 Barwell Avenue, Kurralta Park - Areas from 245 square metres - 735 square metres approx.

Golden Golf acquired three propertys from the SA government in 2007 and subsequently purchased a fourth adjoining property to give a total combined site area of approximately 3800 sq mt. The site has now been developed into 5 office / warehouses ranging in size from 250 sq mt up to 750 sq mt. Two warehouses are leased, with three available for lease.


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